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RWP: It’s that simple, it’s that profound

I’m taking a breather from my Laos trip posts (there will be a couple later today – I need to finish my article for the paper first!) for a special announcement.

I missed KLX, which I was blogging about so much before, due to the change of dates. It clashed with my Laos trip but I heard it went well, and from some of the pictures I’ve seen, you could tell that the RandomAgents had fun 🙂

Zain HD, mastermind and nutter, has unveiled another project which will be held in August. He and the RandomActs crew are releasing information about it earlier because they want this to be massive – as it should.

It’s called RWP – Read While Waiting Project – and everyone can get involved. It’s also for a bloody good cause, if you ask me. The inspiration for this project? Sean Connery. Watch the video below to understand.

Anyway, spread the word out on this. Don’t worry, Zain has assured me that there will still be a “flashmob” element to it, to stay faithful to the RandomActs tradition. There will be more videos/events/etc happening over the next couple of months to build it up.

In the mean time, you can help by spreading the word, sharing the video or, if you’re on Facebook, visit this event page and post it to your Profile so that your friends will know about it.

8.27am Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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