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My first run – Nike+ Human Race 10K

Sorry this is one day late, but Sunday was pretty tiring (having spent the better part of Sat night/Sunday morning killing my feet on the dance floor in a club in Singapore).

Malaysian runners
This Polaroid shot taken at the Partner’s lounge. Frank, Richard, Jamie and I. Pueh Tian was still out taking pictures, I think.

Still, I am still reeling from my experience of running my first race. I have always said I want to try running but never got off my lazy ass long enough to commit to it. So when I was invited to participate in the Nike+ Human Race 10K, I quickly agreed.

The race was in Singapore, the only country in South East Asia to host the run, along with 24 other cities around the world. It was of course a Nike event, but it was for a good cause – each runner could choose from three charities to run for (Livestrong, WWF and project). I chose the last one, a charity for refugees.

Malaysian feet
All five of us celebrating finishing the run with a beer!

I was rather clinical in my approach. I didn’t have too late a night on Saturday, had my share of carbs for energy and only had two glasses of wine! One Sunday, I made sure I got enough rest and food to sustain me. I actually had breakfast and lunch within a two hour period (because I didn’t want to eat too close to the run), drank lots (but again, not too near race time) and had a power nap!

I was probably over cautious but I didn’t want to die on my first run. :oP

Anyway, there were five of us who traveled together from Malaysia as part of the media contigent – two journalists and three bloggers, all of whom were runners. Richard is the editor of Time Out magazine, and then there was Jamie Pang, Frank Chong and Lim Pueh Tian. All of them were great for their support and tips, me being a beginner and what not.

MTV hosts
MTV VJs Taya (with the WWF mascot) and Utt hosted the flag off and concert.

I didn’t take any pictures during the run – I wanted to make sure that I was doing a proper run since it was my first and I thought I did pretty well. I ran sub-60 mins, which I am really proud off, considering I was put in the “Above 65 minutes” category.

My official time was 58’19” (based on Nike’s ChampionChip technology – my Sportsband read 11.65kms in 58’24”). In SIngapore, I came in at 1,336 out of 11,000 runners (well, that was the number of registrations). Worldwide, where 1 million runners had been expected to run, I came in 79,557 – top 8%, not bad! Puji sendiri, haha!


There were concerts and stuff after but I didn’t stay very long. The few of us just took a break at the Nike Partner’s Lounge … nothing like having a beer after the run!

Clark Quay

After the run, I took a 30-minute walk back (yeah, still had the legs for it!) past Clark Quay (above) and Robertson Quay (below) which was part of the running route.

Robertson Quay

Oh, and we don’t get a certificate or anything for finishing the run (well, the top 5 got medals I think) but instead, we were all given a finisher’s bracelet which I thought is pretty cool.

Finisher's Bracelet

It was a great experience (thanks Alison and Nike Malaysia), and I think I’m hooked. I’m looking forward to running more. Oh no!

9.36pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)



i envy you! 🙂


The first run is always dubbed the toughest but you have shown that anyone can just do it if they want to. GREAT run and I shall see you in local races soon. GAMBATE!

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