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Pigging out in Malacca

Sorry for the very non-hall title but I’m anticipating a rather non-halal weekend here in Malacca.

I’m here at my dad’s kampung (and mine by adoption) for work. I’ve been on leave for the past 8 days (which explains my frivolous postings prior to this) and back on a Saturday. Bummer.

Am in Malacca running a young journalist programme by The Star called BRATs (Bright Roving Annoying Teenagers). So yeah, I’m kinda here to impart my views on journalism *cough*. It’s all good, I really enjoy working with teens even if they do annoy me at times. 😛 The picture below is of me and Ivy introducing the programme to them.

Ivy and I talking to the BRATs

I’ll be frequently blogging about it from the R.AGE blog (will also get them to post some stuff) and there should be a news story in The Star tomorrow so look out for it.

Most significantly though, I will try and grab some shots of the amazing food I intend to eat this trip. I took Ivy, Ian, Phui Yee and Ong to eat Nasi Kari in Malim Jaya today and loved, loved, loved it! We were in a rush so I totally forgot about taking pictures, but I will take pictures of the other interesting stuff I eat after this.


6.27pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)



Wah! Can I drop by and write the news for Metro South & East? 😀

I am a BRATs too! Kuala Terengganu workshop, year 2000. 😀


Come over and visit us Jason! 🙂

Sent you an email btw.


Hi Niki,

May I know the exact location of the Nasi Kari? Which part of Malim Jaya? Thanks!

A Lil Fat Monkey

I want some too! Tapau please


Malacca! Yay! Go eat some longkang see ham for me too 🙂


next time you come to malacca, email me i’ll tell you all the best food i know, in return maybe just belanja me lor… haha

-paul is right, the longkang see ham near madam king’s should be one of your destinations =p

-ammie if i’m not mistaken the famous one will be near the malim roundabout(not that near but not many landmarks)
the signboard should read ‘famous jonker walk curry rise’ i think…


Thanks for the directions Tim! I’ll visit the shop once I’m in Melaka. Hopefully I’ll be able to find it.


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