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My Relay for Life experience

What a night! My feet are tired (not so much from the walking, but more from standing!) and strangely my arms are tired too (must be all that photo taking and opening/closing of the money tins!).

Relay For Life Celebs!

I thought the Relay for Life event at MSN Stadium in Bukit Jalil went really well. I got there about 6ish, in time to help set up our area, and get the ball rolling. I started off helping to sell the blinking/flashing merchandise that we all ended up wearing lots of and then later on was either cameraman or making sure people paid the RM1 for their photo with their favourite celebs.

Celebs galore at Relay for Life

I didn’t pay for this. Shh. 😛 But I’m not in it lah (Jit, Samantha Schubert, Hans Isaac, JFK and Jehan Miskin were though) so not counted! Our booth also got a visit from a Minister – Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil popped over and took a picture with us (in picture are Yasmin Yusuff, Kid Chan, Hans Isaac, Jaclyn Victor, Samantha Schubert, JFK, Leonard Tan, Judimar Hernandez and more). I didn’t get a shot so I have to curi this picture from JFK’s website (taken by his friend Arvin).

Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil drops by

In between that, of course, was our walk. Preceeding our walk were performances by Zamil, Jaclyn Victor and Elvira (all three of whom walked with the Celebrity Lap) which brought tears to many peoples eyes. Zamil and Jac sang The Prayer and Elvira’s Somewhere Over The Rainbow was nothing short of spectacular.

Celebs Lap at Relay for Life

Then it was our turn to walk and it was madness. We all took turns holding the banner (above is Judimar Hernandez, Jaclyn Victor, Nazril Idrus and Sharifah Sofia) and cameras were flashing like mad. My friend Jermyn, whose company did many of the posters for the event, managed to get a picture of me, which I have curi-ed for this blog. 🙂 Sorry Jerm!

Me with the banner during our Celeb Lap

After that, it was back to the booth and we sang Jit a Happy Birthday song – he blew candles off a muffin. Before we left, Chelsia Ng, Michael Xavier Voon and I went for a couple more laps and midway through, they announced it was time for backwards lap – so we had to walk backwards! It was rather fun actually.

Then we spotted the Milo van. And you know what they say, best Milo is from the van!

Chelsia, Michael and I with Milo

I know, I know, I’ve been namedropping like crazy but give chance lah. I spent the whole night with these folks and everyone were clamouring to take pictures with them (willing to pay also – but for charity!). Though, ONE person did request to take my picture – so I earned the group RM1. 🙂 Yay! haha

So anyway, to finish off my namedropping post – I thought I’d share some camwhoring pictures. As always, it’s good to see Jac again (she cut her hair!) and truth be told, out of all the celebs who were out tonight, the one person who I got starstruck by was Mahesh (top right of the pic below), who was the lead actor in Yasmin Ahmad’s Talentime. In fact, I didn’t even berani say hi to him until we were all making fools of ourselves duing the backwards walk. 🙂

And of course, the superstar of the night is Dato’ (heh) who organised the whole Celeb Lap and booth out of her own time etc. She got the sponsors, pulled people together and made sure everything went smoothly. Kudos to her!

Camwhoring at Relay for Life

Before I end this very long post, of course, I want to share the picture of my Luminaria. All participants are encouraged to get a paper bag, dedicate it to someone who has lost the battle to cancer, put some sand in and a tealight candle. During the start of the Luminaria ceremony, volunteers will light up each one (all circling the field).

Mine was dedicated to Mohd Razman Abdullah, the father of my brother-in-law. He was also the father of three of my “childhood” friends. I used to play hockey at his house all the time while I was in school. Today is the 40th day since he passed on.

In memory of Mohd Razman Abdullah

I managed to collect more than RM1,500 donations for my walk. So thanks to everyone who contributed. 🙂

1.59am Malaysian time (+8 GMT)



hello! =D
don’t know if you remember me, but we met last night at relay for life.
you know, that girl who kept screaming for you to come and collect money from people taking pictures with celebs?
see you around.

Anonymous :P

I saw you yesterday! But I didn’t dare come up to you and say hi. Haha!

Dato' Zuraidah Atan

Dear Niki and friends,

Thanks so much for supporting our Relay For Life KL 2009 and spending time with our cancer survivors, our volunteers and our friends! We are humbled by the support, the generosity and the well-wishes, truly.

I am pleased that you and your wonderful friends enjoyed yourselves. Please do feel free to drop by our Resource & Wellness Centre at our National Cancer Society of Malaysia(NCSM)’s office to check out the work that we do ( and perhaps we could entice you to support our other activities, for the fight against cancer, cancer awareness and cancer education?

Once again, thank you.
God Bless.
Sincere regards,
(Dato’ Zuraidah Atan)
Chairperson, Relay For Life KL2009
Honorary Adviser, NCSM


Anonymous: You should have come up! I wasn’t famous enough – so no one cam up to me. Haha If you did, I’d have one! 😛 Hope you took pictures with the other celebs tho, and contributed some dosh.

Dato’: Thank you for visiting my blog! It was an honour and privilege to be part of the project. I will be back next year 🙂 Good luck with your work!

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