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Non-halal lunch at Yut Kee

This was a pretty random lunch. I had to head over to Campbell complex to get somethig done (you’ll find out next week!). Then someone, who I shall name later, suggested we have lunch at Yut Kee, which is not too far away.

As we were driving there, she asked me if I’ve ever been to Yut Kee (35, Jalan Dang Wangi, Kuala Lumpur). I said no, only to have her retort: “But you’re a KL boy!” (or something to that effect). Yes, yes, shame on me. Of course, my natural reply was to be vague: “Oh yes, maybe I’ll know the place when I see it.”

True enough.

Yut Kee

As I walked in, I knew I’ve been there before (hah!). It was about 4-5 years ago, when – as editor of NewMan magazine – I picked Puteri Gunung Ledang The Movie director Saw Teong Hin for an interview. He directed me to this place, which he claims has the best kaya butter toast (it does!).

I’ve forgotten about the place until today of course. Which is quite sad, imagine all these years of missing the yummy, yummy food like this Curry Rice below.

Curry Rice

It was quite nice, although a little spice for me. That said, I still prefer my Nasi Kari from Malacca better. The person I was with ordered a plate of Chicken Chop. Initially, she thought that I wouldn’t like it but then decided that I was a Chinese boy enough to like the gravy and potatoes. And I did! I loved it so much I finished her potatoes. Heh!

Chicken Chop

The last dish we had, that was to be shared was the Roti Babi. I have heard people talk about it many times but I have never tried it myself. I was imagining that it would be a bit like a sandwich. Boy, was I wrong! What was amazing was that the roti (probably made or dipped in egg) was delicious all by itself, even without the stuffing. But collectively – it.was.scrumtious.

Roti Babi

I was also told that the roast pork is really good and I was about to order it when I saw the sign below – they only serve it on Fridays and Sundays. Think I need to go back. What was most interesting, I thought, was that they are taking pre-orders for Christmas and New Year, and that you need to make your bookings by Nov 30. Who needs turkey, huh?

Can you see what it reads on the notice? IT’S PORKY TIME!

No Roast Pork :(

The food aside though, what I love most about Yut Kee really was it’s ambiance. I’m a sucker for nostalgia and sentimentality so sitting in an old coffeeshop like this really warms the heart. Who knows how much longer it will be around?

Now … back to who the mysterious person who I had lunch with. Well, she’s too shy to have her photo plastered on my blog so I’ll have to find a different way of identifying her. See the notices above? Well, they weren’t the only pieces of paper plastered on the wall of the kopitiam. In fact, there were frame after frame of articles featuring Yut Kee in the local print media.

One in particular caught my attention.


This was written a while ago and featured in The Star. Now, I’m gonna zoom in to the standfirst of the article.

It's Ivy Soon!

Yes, it was my boss, who used to write a lot about food. She’s got a blog too but she’s too shy to share it with the world. *rolls eyes* I even tried to get her to pose with the framed up article she wrote but she wouldn’t. Absolutely no fun!

But it’s okay, she paid for lunch (or rather, I forgot to pay her back *whistles*) and let me steal her potatoes … as the picture below clearly shows!

Me and my potatoes

5.44pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)



Why didn’t bring me go?!?!?! RAWRRRR…


And Ivy has a blog? o.0”’

Huai Bin

Roti Babi! This I gotta try coz I love all things pork. =D


I wanna go!Food looks sinfully yummy. The roast pork signs must be the bestest signs ever seen in a kopitiam…


Try the belacan fried rice next time. It’s quite good. I also like their swiss roll. Very old school! =)


hey a food post from ya … 🙂
tempting roti babi. with a dash of lea&perrins, almost perfect breakfast.


food looks good..
and i LOL-ed at the Roti Babi.. what a name! haha.. =P

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you should totally come back for the roast pork, it’s to.die.for! and the chicken chop is good and all but pay RM1 extra and you can get yourself a yummy plate of pork chop(2pieces) together with those lovely potatoes! =)


i love to have my lunch at yut kee…i love the chicken chop there….nasi goreng belacan…nad of coz the roti babi that you mentioned in your blog…cool…happy blogging

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