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I, August Man

Augst Man: Men of the Year

Recognise any of the faces above? I’m sure you do. Hello? Henry Golding, Hans Isaac, Casmad Sanuri, Afdlin Shauki, Joe Flizzow, Ragunath Kesavan, Sazali Samad, Bob Chua, Niki Cheong, Ivan Lam …

Waitaminute? Niki Cheong?

Yup! Well folks, I am indeed very honoured, and privileged to share the cover of the brilliant mag August Man (I’m not just saying this ‘cos I’m on the cover) featuring its 10 Men of the Year.

The magazine (on Twitter here), helmed by editor Rubin Khoo, selected 10 Malaysian men from various backgrounds – theatre, activism, sports, film and design, among others – to feature.

I was selected as “Social Networker”.

The intro to the profiles in the magazine reads:

Men of Substance: The term August derives from the Greek term Augustus which means “to inspire”. It is based on this that August Man Malaysia embarks on its first ever Men of the Year issue. It is apt that we acknowledge the achievement of individuals who are charting their own paths – those who don’t just talk but do. We are very proud of the fact that we have managed to assemble a diverse group from different industries and believe that it is the right group to launch what we hope will become a yearly affair.

I really need to thank Rubin for including me in this line-up of amazing people.

Rubin Khoo

The photo above was taken during the photoshoot at Kah Mun’s Myth Studio in Mutiara Damansara. I was dressed in two sets of clothes, the suit was a Hugo Boss. The pose for the cover picture was pretty straight-forward as you can see from the cover above but we took many shots (maybe I’m just really bad at posing – I’m more used to being behind the camera anyway!).

I’m glad they didn’t use this smiley picture of me though, how geeky do I look?

My shots

The cover was shot over two different days. On the day of mine, I met a few of the other Men of the Year, including Henry Golding (who flew back from Singapore!), Bar Council president Ragunath Kesevan and Mr. Universe (for the millionth time – madness and what an achievement!) Sazali Samad.

I managed to get a behind-the-scenes video of Henry posing for the camera, and also took some snaps of Ragunath in action. I was being interviewed by the time Sazali was shooting so I didn’t get any shots of him (although I did wonder how he would fit in a suit, considering all those massive muscles!).

Ragunath Kesavan

The magazine is out on shelves already so go get a copy. There’s also a Men of the Year party tomorrow, and I will rush over from KLpac after my show to attend it. Will be a great night!

Oh, here is an image of my pages (yes, two!) inside the magazine. The text reads:

“It has leveled the playing field a little bit” — the words in which social networker, Niki Cheong fervently used when describing the benefits of Twitter. “It has enabled a lot of us who otherwise would have nothing in common with, to cross paths.”

Though officially an assistant editor and columnist at The Star, Cheong is a strong proponent of social media. It could be said that he is pushing for the widespread use of this social networking application in Malaysia.

While some people use this platform as an easy ticket to fame, he has managed to utilise it for a higher cause, one of which was co-organising a Twestival, which raised about RM11,000 for charity.

“You control what you want it to be,” he later said, in refute to claims that social networking applications invade your privacy. Cheong, who is also a part-time theatre practitioner, is one of the two Malaysians who has made it to the Top 20 of the recent Ultimate Mr Twitter online voting competition.

Niki Cheong - Social Networker

Thanks again to Rubin and the August Man team – Melvin Chan, KC Yap and Ali Imran K.

10.03am Malaysian time (+8 GMT)



wow.. cool..
how i wish i can be there too..
lol.. ah.. dream on! =P

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Well done Beng!


I like the last shot.

Fink Harder

well done! and looking great!

A Lil Fat Monkey

WOW!! so proud of all you’ve achieve this year.

Don’t forget me when you’re super faymes!


You look great…


“how geeky do I look?”
–> Very! 🙂



cool! nice shoots 🙂

beverley ong

Wow.. u look dashing and cute.. hehehe 🙂

Poh Lin

Niks, You look soooooo good, nephew. I miss working with Melvin. He was such a bright young man. Love, Auntie


OMG JOE FIZZO LOOKING GOOD!!. who’s that guy beside joe?


kenwooi: Keep dreaming! And aiming for it. It can happen for you!

ultra: Thanks, Yenny! 🙂

Jason: Me too 😛

Fink Harder: Thanks a lot!

alilfatmonkey: Choi!Don’t talk nonsense. And thanks 🙂 Couldn’t have done it without all my friends and family’s support.

jfook: What a kind compliment. Thanks!

Julian: I know right!

vvens: Credit must got to the August Man team!

Beverly: Haha Thanks 🙂 You’ve never seen me in a suit before, huh? :oP

Aunty: Thanks! I saw Melvin tonight, he’s doing really well!

MoJosh: On the left is Afdlin Shauki. On the right is Bar Council president Ragunath Kesavan. And yes, Flizzow looking good. Man’s got attitude.

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