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I was late for the August Man Men of the Year 2009 party

So yeah, I was late. My show only ended at 10pm so by the time I got rid of the make up, put my suit on and erm, drove to Pavilion KL where the event was being held in the Jaguar Showroom, it was almost 10.30pm.

Still, the August Man (Facebook: Twitter) team, led by editor Rubin Khoo, was still kind enough to keep me a framed picture of the cover (which you can see from my previous post), a gift from Thomas Pink and a beautiful trophy.

My trophy

Because I was late, I had missed a lot of the events. There was still drinks and music, though. Most of the other Men of the Year – including Bob Chua, Hans Isaac and Ivan Lam (and Tricia Yeoh, one woman!) – had left by then unfortunately, but I managed to say hi to Joe Flizzow, who I heard performed as well, before he left. I think he looks best on the cover, that guy’s got attitude!

So I did the next best thing, I took pictures of the nice photos the August Man team put up for all the Men of the Year (and one woman). Well, I didn’t get all the pics, I didn’t want to look too, umm, syiok sendiri lah. Shy only right. Here are some shots:

Afdlin Shauki and Hans Isaac

Bob Chua and Casmad Sanuri

Ivan Lam and Ragunath Kesavan

Of course, the was one other picture to be taken. I actually didn’t want to take it (no, really!) but Choon asked me too. Bad Choon. Now I look like the ultimate camwhore … camwhoring with myself! Aiyo, weren’t we just talking about syiok sendiri?

Me, myself and er, I

Oh well, tak pe lah. This is my blog. Like I’ve always said, if I don’t plug myself, who will? Oh wait, August Man just did. Thanks so much guys, really honoured!

1.11am Malaysian time (+8 GMT)



U looked really boyish in the poster!!!


haha it doesnt look like u niki! 😛 like super darn formal


They should have given you a less formal, funkier suit 🙂 Would have fit you better.

But Hans. Sigh. Hans. Sigh 🙂


axiao: Is that a compliment? HAHA 😀

Jess: Hey, I can be formal! :oP Nice to play dress up once in a while. hehe

Paul: Behave! :oP


congrats! you look very ‘young’ compare to the other Men of the Year! haha


Thanks sllim! 😀 It’s the make-up. Haha 😀

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