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Godfather of vinyl Michael Lau in the house!

I made a daring claim in the papers today. I predicted that the new phase that Bangsar, my kampung, would be “Urban”.

The article, from my regular fortnightly The Bangsar Boy column, was sparked by me walking down Jalan Telawi 3 just a few days ago to meet Isaac for drinks after he came to watch the show. I literally – and I exaggerate not – walked down in the middle of the road at 11pm, and not a single car came behind me to honk me out of the way (or knock me down).

It really got me thinking about what was happening to Bangsar. But like I say in the article:

After the initial surprise had set in, it occurred to me that this was not something I should be overly concerned about. After all, it is probably just that Bangsar is currently in transition.

Having lived here all my life, I have noticed how this area goes through many different phases. I am not sure if these phases reflect my interest at that point of time, but thinking back, a lot of it was quite distinct.

My contention is that we are currently in transition and if stores like H5 and Juice KL are anything to go by, together with new arts space Zinc Art Gallery is anything to go by, “urban” could very well be the next phase.

Speaking of Zinc, I was there again yesterday for the opening of MINDstyle LIFEstyle presents Michael Lau. The renowned toy designer from Hong Kong was there autographing his pieces of art. There were some of his works on display too and I took a picture of my favourite.

Michael Lau

There were also many of his 8″ miniatures on display (although, I read, he’s more known for his 12″ works). I was very fascinated with the box-head ones, maybe I like the anonymity. They could really be anybody under there, no? I saw this one I really liked, but it wasn’t on sale. *sigh*

Box Head

So I settled for another of the box head one. Yes, I bought my first pieces (I bought two! OMG!) of art yesterday, and although my credit card is not very happy, I am! I love them, love them! This one below was the one I really wanted to buy because it was the one with two eyes (looks more normal, I guess).

Almost purchased

This is the one I ended up purchasing. I really, really like it too (cos of the recycling sign on the T-shirt, as well as the umm, marijuana symbol on it). And the details on the box head – the white tape – was nice. Happy with my purchase! And I even got Michael to autograph it! Wahey!

My box head

My other purchase was this 10th anniversary of the Gardener (his series) one. It was recommended to me because it’s a collaboration between Michael and The Hundreds (notice the bomb head?) and because unlike Michael’s other works, the ones from this series is made from wood. I think it’s realllyyy cute! I got him to autograph the box of this one instead.

Michael Lau/The Hundreds

He had to rush off, so I met him just in time. Thanks to Tong and Yun who were so kind with their recommendations and for getting me the picture below with him. Hello, did you think I wouldn’t get a camwhoring picture (I actually got two! haha)?

Me and Michael Lau

To read my full The Bangsar Boy article, click here. To read about my previous post on Zinc, click here instead.

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Awesome! Cool post!

daniel soo

nice… cool~


Urban toys.. They’re really nice..but too bad they’re pretty pricey too.


wow, now that’s some really exquisitely done toy! the attention to detail must’ve worthed the price, even though it made your card scream as you swiped it across for the two you bought ๐Ÿ˜›

and i’m with you on the Bangsar shifting phase. as a city boy I have been to Bangsar for quite a few, and the shops had shifted from clubs to restaurants. i only understand why after reading your article in The Star. i guess the people around really disliked blaring nightlife and preferred gastro-indulgences instead!


i like ur tshirt ๐Ÿ˜€


Ah so cute! must pay a visit one day.


Leonard: Thanks! It’s some great toys huh?

Daniel: Thanks!

WillyC: Yes, they are more works of art, but not so affordable, you’re right ๐Ÿ˜

Grey: Many reasons I suppose for the changing phases, and I don’t know what they are. I can’t explain, can only observe! ๐Ÿ˜€

Ah pOp: Hahahaha

Chingy: Hope you caught it before the exhibition ended!