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James Cameron’s Avatar is pure genius!


First of all, apologies for the crap picture. Took it in the dark cinema with my iPhone lah.

And now on to the review of Avatar, James Cameron’s masterpiece. I think I can sum it up in one word:


Yup, it was that good and I don’t care if people have been calling it “Dancing With Smurfs” or “Smurfahontas”, it’s still a brilliant movie.

I got to watch it tonight thanks to preview invites from StarWorld (thanks Nini and Shamel!) at GSC Pavilion KL, and I went with my friend Shai who is a movie buff. I didn’t take much pictures because I was too busy stuffing my face, and by the time we were done, we needed to head into the cinema already.

Truth be told, the movie started off a little slow but it picked up and moved at a much faster pace not much later. In case you don’t know about it (er, where have you been?), Avatar is a movie about humans going to war against creatures from a different planet – Pandora – for, sigh, human gain.

I won’t go into too much details because I don’t want to spoil the movie for you. I would say this however that James Cameron’s genius really shone through. It is common knowledge that Cameron had the idea for Avatar from before he even filmed Titanic (and became legendary because of it), but could not create the film because the technology didn’t exist.

Well, thanks to technology, Cameron was able to create the wonderful planet Pandora – almost everything you see is computer generated but looks almost photo-real.

You should see some of the amazing flora and fauna he has created. The plants and trees were beautiful and colourful. And some of the animals (even JK Rowling doesn’t have this kind of imagination) were quite – er – scary. But it was all quite spectacular. Look for my favourite – the jellyfish.

I watched the 3D version, which brought out the colours and details even more and I wonder how it would be like in 2D. My only issue with the movie is that at slightly over 2.5 hours, it feels a bit long (or maybe it’s just too long a time to have the 3D glasses on).

Whatever it is though, the graphics are phenomenal.

The storyline isn’t completely original (as in the plot) but I really enjoyed it. It spoke a lot about human nature and about the environment. I think it is quite apt that the movie was being screen today in many parts of the world, the same day 260 people have been arrested for clashing with cops as they protested in Copenhagen the UN Climate Change talks.

It also spoke about man (and Na’vi, the race of blue people indigenous to Pandora)’s intricate connection to the universe, mother nature and the environment we live in. It spoke about the sadness of losses in the ecosystem, and the need for balance.

I know I sound like I’m rambling but this movie is so, so worth a watch. Other than a couple of draggy parts (but then again, James Cameron isn’t known for his short movies), it’s great.

It’s an amazing cinematic experience, rather good acting (I love, love Sigourney Weaver – and Sam Worthington looks good and did quite well, as did Zoe Saldana) and has a great moral to tell, without being preachy.

Catch it!

p/s Interesting article about the movie here with some trivia about the show.

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Awesomes! I gona catch it this friday bro!

Btw r u going for hannah’s concert on sunday?


Am gonna catch it tonight after getting high on Starbucks…. And of course it will be in 3D


thanks for the info.. it’s going to be on my recommended thing to do


Though it was long, didn’t really feel it was draggy.

Too caught up with most of the scenes on land and in the air.


Cool! Thanks for the reco. I will watch it then.


I’ve been waiting for this movie. Thanks Niki for the review!

Hunt Lai

any chances of subtitle english or chinese for the movie in 3D?

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Evo: No wor, was it fun?

kruel74: Did you like it?

zuwairiaiman: Have you caught it yet?

Nigel: You’re right though. Just as I started feeling like it was going to get draggy, something happens!

runwitme: Hey, let me know what you think about it.

Norlin: Have you watched it? Did you bring the kids?

Hunt: Nope, but there’s English subtitles for when they speak the native language!


sigh, i haven watch this movie yet. Shall watch it soon =x


too bad i dont get to watch it at the moment.. maybe some DVDs when i get back.. =P


Sorry i am not agree with above one comment because…One of the best films of the year. However, Avatar’s ‘message’ of human greed and unnecessary needs is nearly laughable considering the flick is one of the most expensive films of all time.

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