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Half a thumbs up for Malaysian police

If you guys know me well, and some of you do (hi mum, hi dad!), you know that I am often not so kind to the authorities. It’s not that I purposely find trouble, I guess I just speak my mind at times when I get frustrated and upset over some incidences or events.

So it might surprise you then, that I only have nice things (well, kinda) to say about our police force in this blog post.

Over the past week, I found myself encountering the cops three times. The first incident is related to the third, so I shall save that for later.

The second incident was a police report my family had to make. We went to the police shack in Bangsar to lodge a report and I have to say that the officer was nothing short of helpful. He didn’t fit into the typical couldn’t care less, useless policeman stereotype that many people seem to have of our cops.

Sure, the computer system didn’t work (he kept getting a script error) but that’s not exactly his fault. He was very apologetic though, and kept asking for my parents to be patient while he sorted it out. I have to admit that I was half-expecting him to say, “Sistem rosak. Datang balik hari lain” (System is down, please come back another day) but he didn’t! Instead, he pulled out the manual report book and took our statement, by hand!

Sure, he made an error (I had to go back and get him to fix it – he attributed it to, “Lama tak tulis manual”) but it was a generally pleasant experience.

It actually reminded me of an incident a few years ago when I lost my wallet at a carpark near my former office and I went to file a report at SS2. It was such a great experience, I was telling everyone about it. That is, until someone contacted me that she had found my wallet and insisted on only returning it to me if I went to Klang to meet her. When I contacted the cops to help me sort it out – I’m not about to go meet some stranger – they said, “Tak pe lah. You dah buat report, semua dah cancel. Tak payah lah pegi ambik.” (Don’t worry. You’ve already made a report and cancelled all your cards. no need to go get it back).

Er, right.

But I digress. The other incident this week was a speeding ticket. Well, I wasn’t exactly speeding (and I’m 100% sure of this) so much so that I actually argued with the cop and asked him for proof. Well, he wanted my driver’s license first and erm … le sigh.


He said: “Okay lah, saya tak tulis untuk laju, saya tulis until lesen luput.” (I won’t write you a summon for speeding, I’ll write you one for an expired driver’s license instead.

Talk about bad luck. I can’t tell for sure if he was asking me for a bribe (but he sure as well took hell long to write the summon, and kept asking me if it was okay for him to start writing) but I was annoyed and told him, “Tulis je lah!” (Just write!) and I sped off. No pun intended.

Yesterday, I went to pay for it and was expecting the usual RM300. Lots of people on Twitter asked me why I didn’t bribe the officer, but hey, you know, I made an error and I will face the consequences. Besides, bribery is illegal!

Well, surprise! I walked in and passed the officer my ticket. He looked up my car number, pressed something and voila! I got a 50% discount! I know, I know, it’s still RM150 but hey, between paying RM50 for a bribe that goes to the officer, and RM150 with a receipt, I think it’s a great deal.

I’m not sure what the details of the discount is (I’d like to think it was a Christmas sale, but highly unlikely) but people have mentioned that it was because I paid within the first few days. I think this is a great effort on the part of the cops – maybe one way to fight corruption as well.

So, yes, it went by really easy. Discount, go up to counter, then pay! And I was done!

So kudos to the cops I’ve encountered over the past couple of weeks (short for that one particular Encik “Tulis ya? Saya tulis sekarang”).

Merry Christmas, Encik-enciks!

12.09pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)


Himmat Singh

Wah u kena then u say maybe the authorities r doing their duties…hehe…nice

Nicholas Leong

They will usually give you a discount if its your first offence of such kind.

Got a 50% discount when I got summoned for talking on the mobile as well.

Simon Seow

But you won’t want to get summons to many times because it might cost your driving license Kejora points.

el na

why did your family had to make a report?got breakIn at ur house?


I had a very similar experience. I know how u feel…


For someone who is a skeptic, you do give them praises when its due….

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Good job, NEVER EVER bribe the cops. You did the right thing, if they hassle you ask for proof, 90% they don’t have any so they will let you go.

You were just unfortunate your license has expired.

And like you said, you did something wrong so pay up.


Hey I got stopped once on the way to Hartamas for speeding. The cop looked really interested when I was digging in my purse, but when I handed him my licence he didn’t look too happy. He tried to talk me into ‘helping him’. I told him to ‘tulis!!!!!’ It took me quite a while to convince him to ‘tulis’, instead he gave up and told me to get lost. 😀

Tian Chad

Haha I never bribe them because that is what they want. Merry Christmas to you Encik Niki ;p


Had a same experience with Angeline, also along the road to Hartamas. Cop said I was speeding, and asked if I wanted a summon. So I said go ahead, tulis lah. He took my license, fidgeted around with it and said “I bagi warning kali ni ya”… and let me off!


Himmat: Kena and blog. :oP Lucky for the officer I didn’t take a picture of him. He he

Nicholas: Really? Does that mean I’m screwed the next time?

Simon: I hope I don’t ever get another summon, ever!

el na: No, nothing of that sort. But personal matters 🙂

Dennis: Thanks for sharing your experience. I think everyone should do it. Keep out cops honest! 😀

ShaolinTiger: Thanks man 🙂

Ange: Damn, I wish mine would have given up too!!

TianChad: Exactly! Although, sounds like you have had a few summons, eh? 😛

Mike: I think we all got stopped around the same area! And cos they can’t prove we were speeding cos … er, we weren’t? At least I wasn’t. Just unlucky that my license was expired.

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