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Almost there – Happy New Year everyone!

Well, New Year’s Eve is here and it’s just about four hours to midnight. I’ve been working on this blog all day (and the past few days) trying to get it ready for the new year. Well, guess what?

If you’re a returning visitor, you’d notice that my blog looks different! Finally! It’s been a while since I changed my new look, so I thought I’d put some effort in for 2010. I’ll blog more tomorrow about my hopes and dreams for the new year!

In the mean time, enjoy the new look. I have to head for dinner now so it’s not 100% completed but I’d say 80% would be about right. It’s almost there. But you know, as much as I love my blog (and you guys), celebrations like this only comes once … er, a year!

Happy New Year in advance everyone!

8.05pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)



okay.. new look.. new comment system..but the same old niki right??haha.. anyway, happy new year 2010!! =D

Niki Cheong

Happy New Year LiPing! It's been a while! 😀

Niki Cheong

Very different meh? Different colour only mah! heheNo likey?

Niki Cheong

Old is right. Hehe A little bit older. :)Happy New Year, thanks for coming back all the time!


Happy New Yea dude! Hope you have a brilliant 2010 🙂

New Year, New Blog Look | Niki Cheong

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Just Ling

Good job Niki….i like the new layout! Impressive. You put lots of effort into it and it's turning out nicely… happy new year from London!


That's a fantastic shot of the fireworks !

Niki Cheong

Happy New Year too you too man! 😀

Niki Cheong

Thanks Justin! Happy New Year to you guys there too! See you in Feb! 😀

Niki Cheong

Thanks! I didn't take it tho – picture was taken from Flickr, under Creative Common License!

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