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Tuesdays with Niki: Birthday Boys

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Birthday Boys

Since my dad is the only family member of mine who consistently visits my blog (he never says he does but he always knows what’s on it!), he gets a birthday wish from me on here.

Today is his birthday and we had dinner last night with mum and my brother-in-law Rizal.

My sister May couldn’t join us even though it was her birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday Che!). And I paid for the meal because it was Rizal’s birthday the day before (Happy Birthday, Zal!)

Okay, now that the formalities are over … I decided this post should be a “Tuesday with Niki” although we technically had dinner on Monday. Oh well, it’ll be one-day-before-Tuesday with Niki then! Because of my hectic schedule over the past couple of months, it’s been hard to get Tuesdays with Niki going, but since Justin (I think it was his birthday on the 28th too – what’s with all these Aries people?) who I stole the idea from have been consistent with it … I thought I should reignite it!


Our family tradition is that the birthday boy or girl gets to choose the restaurant of choice to celebrate. Since my sister wasn’t joining us, and we don’t usually celebrate birthdays after the occasion (which means Rizal wasn’t exactly celebrating!), it was daddy’s choice. He wanted Thai food and we opted for Planter’s Jim (6, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur | 03 22824048).

I have always liked this place. It’s cozy and the food isn’t half bad. In fact, this is a regular spot for me to bring any guests visiting me if they feel like a bit of Thai food. I usually order Mien Kam as a starter but the last time I ordered it for my parents, they weren’t too excited so I chose the fishcakes (pictured above) as well as the pandan chicken (my favourite Thai dish).

Four cornered beans2

We also had the Tom Yam dish (which was so-so) as well as the Sizzling Prawn and Cuttlefish (forgot to take a picture of it because I was too hungry and just went for it!) – which was really yummy. Down that all with beer and we had a pretty good meal. Oh yeah, and not to mention the four cornered beans with belacan (is that very Thai though?). I’m not a fan of that particular bean, so I didn’t have it. Mum liked it though.

Four cornered beans

Nice dinner, and always good to celebrate birthdays – even when you’re oldddddd (hehe just kidding dad!).

1.05am Malaysian time (+8 GMT)



LOL, four-cornered beans…i seriously didn’t know it was called that but i miss kacang botol now after looking at the pic…=p


    It’s actually four-angled beans, my bad! 🙂 haha

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Hui Jan

Om nom nom, Thai food. I worked in a Thai restaurant for a bit last year, so the names of food sound familiar. 😀 Four-angled beans are GOOD! Happy birthday to your dad!


isn’t it four angled beans?!? that’s what I grew up knowing it as … hahahah …


ALEX !!! Happy birthday !! Meant to greet you but somehow terlepas the hari…hmm…anyway, never too late, ya? So, toast to health and happiness !

Beng, you are back already from Capetown? I also like thai but belum tried Jim’s Planter fact was at Flying Chillies, The Gardens, last Sat !


    Thanks AJ! Dad read your comment 🙂

    And yes, back already. No more traveling for me for a bit. Penat!


beng, was that the shots using the ‘racist’ camera facial trigger mechanism? i hate that camera. very not 1 malaysia…


    Haha Yes, it was the racist camera. But your shot wasn’t using the trigger. Cos your muka like that tak boleh trigger anything! hehe

Fulltime Mom

woohooo! my brother-in-law actually put down a comment!


    Yeah, cos he very offended by my camera. :oP

Justin Ling

Oh wow almost all your family members birthday is in March! cool when’s yrs?


    Haha Yes. The month I am broke 🙂

    Mine’s in Sept!

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