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First visit to Kuching!

Hey folks! I’m in Kuching, the city of cats … er, in Sarawak, Bumi Kenyalang for the first time. Well, kinda. I’ve been here once before in 1996 but it was just a stopover from a visit to KK. I was just in the airport the whole time, so I guess it doesn’t count.

Emoing on the plane

I am here with Ivy, Sharm and Ian (in the picture above taken with my Cyber-shot DSC-Tx5 with me pretending to be emo as we were landing) for the BRATs workshop which began yesterday. But who cares about the workshop *cough* – it’s my first time in Kuching!

Before that though, I want to apologise for the lack of updates the past week. In between catching up with work after the Jakarta trip (post on the way!), some drama with scheduling conflicts, actual work and getting ready for this trip, I’ve been a bit flat out.

The view

This is the sight that greeted me as I left the plane. Never mind that I got scolded for taking a picture on the runway (there were no signs saying I couldn’t! Hmmph!), but I took this shot because this was probably the only view I saw when I was last here.

In fact, I was only in the terminal anyway, so I didn’t even get a proper look of the airport so I can’t tell you if it looked like this 14 years ago!

Kuching airport

I’ve heard a lot about Kuching ‘cos I have friends from here and from my colleague Nasa. I was told that the food was nice as well. So I went on Twitter to get some recommendations and most people talked about Top Spot Seafood Centre (Jln. Bukit Mata – Top floor of ‘Taman Kereta’ Carpark, opposite Tun Jugah Shopping Mall), which was just behind my hotel!

The recommendation was at Stall Number 25 and I was told the seafood is yummy (they only sell most seafood anyway!).


The sotong looked really good (but it was tasteless to be honest). In fact, I think my mum would love the food in Kuching – I found a lot of them lack taste. *hides from my Kuching friends* What was really interesting however was the o chean (oyster omelette), because it looks more like a pancake compared to the ones we get in KL.

After everything I said about the lack of salt, the gravy for this one was mostly soya sauce, so it was a bit, erm, masin. Good thing we didn’t pour it over the dish. But I quite liked it. The oyster were huge and it was actually quite nice. By far, my favourite dish from our first meal.

Ivy wanted to eat Umai so I tweeted a message asking people where we can find it and Kenny responded almost immediately that Top Spot also had it. Ivy ordered it and was soooo happy. I’m assuming it’s nice ‘cos I took a bite and spat it right out. Not my taste lah, this raw food.


After that, we walked around the city checking out the night life. It was Friday after all and we wanted to see what was happening so we went to the waterfront, looked for a bar called Picadilly’s (which was playing feng tau music so I refused to go in) and ended up at the bar in the same building as Top Spot again, which have a live band.

What happened there – including a video – is for another blog post. Let’s just say the girl on the left was very good. The guy … umm … okay bye!

10.34pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)



I never like umai. Haha. Oyster pancake interesting leh! haha. This is what I miss most when I’m in KL. LOL. Actually there are a lot of good food (those the MOST FAMOUS kolok mee, tomato kueh teow, ABC, Kueh Chap) mostly are in downtown area. I brought my friends from KL to those famous eatery places and they enjoyed alot.
traveling in Kuching without your own transport is inconvenient because the public transport system here sux max. I hope I could volunteer but sounds impossible cos takkan you trust me as “stranger” to bring you around right? hahaha.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Kuching!


    Haha I don’t like it either. Timing isn’t very good for us this trip, so hard to explore.

    One thing at a time I guess 😀 Thanks for all your recommendations!

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Put the video already! 😛 I wanna see how good/bad the guy is…


umai is awesome!


    Er, go ahead. You can have it all! 😛


What’s UMAI actually? Raw fish? Fish guts?


    Raw fish. With onion. And liime. And … dowan think about it anymore!


the food looks yummy, did you enjoyed?

university student

The food looks spicy, isn’t it??

Justin Ling

Ah you were in my hometown? cool. It has been awhile i haven’t been back….ask a Sarawakian i want to apologies for the lack of flavour in our food – did you try the local vegetables? Bidin? That’s nice. how about our famous laksa? or Foochow Kampua and Kuching Kolo Mee?


    Haha Justin! Don’t apologise. It’s not your fault you have weird taste buds 😛 hahahahahah

    I tried the bidin, laksa, kolo mee but not the Foochow Kampu (what is it?).

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