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Laughing till you cry

A couple of months ago, I shared a YouTube video of Anderson Cooper on Twitter. I loved the video because it showed a real human side to Anderson, who is one of my favourite TV personalities of all time.

Anderson CooperTaken from on Flickr under the Creative Common License.

What I really like about him is his “casual” style of presenting news, especially with his show Anderson Cooper 360. Of course, when he’s on location as a journalism covering conflict, for example, he takes on a more serious tone. But I really like how on the show, he makes fun of himself (and let others make fun of him), use himself in experiments and more.

The video of him presenting a RidicuList on Gerard Depardieu, which I tweeted about, showed an even more real side of him. I like how spontaneous it was and couldn’t stop laughing watching it. Have a watch.

I’ve watched that video several times, and still laugh until I cry. Granted, I am easily tickled when it comes to these things. Ask my new classmates about the number of time I have┬ádisrupted┬álectures and talks by starting to laugh and infecting everyone else. Not proud but hey, it’s in my DNA. ­čśŤ

Anyway, I thought of that video above because my friend Nick sent me an email earlier today about The Chase host Bradley Walsh who had an incident on the show as well.

Enjoy the video! I know it’s Friday so everyone should be in a good mood, but hope this helps you relax even more!

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Tony Leo

Lol!! That made me laughed made!! Especially the 2nd video!!

You are right! It’s so infectious that I laugh non-stop too and I tried my best not to laugh so loud ‘cos am in the office but it’s so funny!!

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