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Blacking out against 114A

If any of you guys come by to my blog on Tuesday, you’ll find a pop up (if I can get the code to work – argh!) in support of Centre for Independent Journalism‘s Stop 114A campaign which opposes amendments to the Evidence Act which will affect all Malaysians – whether or not you’re an active user of the Internet.

Stop 114A

The amendment came into effect on July 31 and has severe repercussions for Malaysians. Most of the reports talk about Internet freedom and “stealth” moves by the Government, which is true.

But that aside, I think what most Malaysians must take from this is the fact that the burden of proof now lies with you, if your identity has been “stolen”.

While this may seem to only affect:

1. Avid Internet users (for example, if you were Facebook-jacked or Twitter jacked or if someone borrowed your computer/device, you’ll be liable for what was said even if it wasn’t you – unless proven otherwise)

2. Corporations offering Internet or publishing service (even comments left on your blog etc could be attributed to you)

there is more at stake.

Say you’re not even on Facebook and someone creates an account linked to your identity (your photo, maybe, or some other details), you’ll have to prove that it wasn’t you. Or if someone posted an article on a blog crediting you with writing it, you may also be liable.

EVERYONE is affected by this.

You can read more about the campaign here, or here. My friend David also summed it out nicely in his blog. If you’re have a blog, Twitter account or are on Facebook, get involved.

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