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We Are Family – Maxis and DiGi nails it

After an almost 18-hour work day yesterday (and working throughout the weekend), mostly for putting together LimaPuluhTujuh, it was a great feeling waking up to this article regarding both Maxis and Digi’s new Merdeka-themed video.

The headline reads:

So this is awkward. Maxis and DiGi released almost the same Merdeka video

Basically what happened is that the two telcos decided on the same theme, and practically the same tagline, for their videos this year – We Are Family – highlighting how we call everyone – even strangers – aunty, uncle, bro, macha, tai lo etc. Both were heartwarming; Maxis went with comedy, DiGi a little more sentimental.

I loved the lines in the Maxis ad: “So you call strangers … family.” to which the response was, “Yes, if not we’d all be strangers”.

DiGi’s had this line: “It was a revelation that once I opened up, they naturally opened up as well.”

Just last week, in my first article marking the return of my old column The Bangsar Boy, I wrote this line:

 All the neighbours I walk past are still greeted with a “Hello, uncle” or“Hello, Aunty”, regardless of whether I know them or not.

I really loved that they chose to focus on the “family” aspect of nationhood and community spirit, especially at a time when the loudest voices appear to be so divisive. I’m a true believer in putting out positive messages to drown out the negativity, which is why I’ve been working on several social campaigns over the past year and a half, most significantly 50×50 My Malaysia last year.

I also like that the DiGi ad had this line: “That’s the way it was. It’s always been like that.”

This is one of the sentiments I’m hoping come across from my project this year – LimaPuluhTujuh (and using the #My57 hashtag) – where I’m collecting stories and pictures from the past 57 years which will culminate with an interactive-installation hosted by Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, from August 31 to Sept 16. Please visit the site and upload your pictures and share your stories! I’m working on this project #samasama with Nini Marini, John Lim and Vivian Chong, supported by Kakiseni and AFOradio. Please check it out!

But I digress, I just wanted to share this post because of the two videos. It really allowed me to wake up to a really good mood today, I hope to see more positive stuff like these over the next few days as well!

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Ken Wooi

Very interesting! Maxis’ one is more preplanned while DiGi’s one is more spontaneous. But both projects the same message. 🙂


    Sorry for the late reply. Yes, its very interesting. I think both were obviously pre-planned, but treatments were different.

    Both worked I think, but Maxis one snappier and funnier so it appealed to me a bit more.

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