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Narmi does Warisan

I have always been quite a huge fan of Sudirman. Perhaps, it comes from my mother’s love for his music. Since I was a kid, mum and dad would always talk about what an amazing talent he is – his rendition of One Thousand Million Smiles remain my favourite piece of his.

Over the years, as I’ve grown older, the words from his songs resonated more with me. This is no more true than when I was introduced to Kulit (I blogged about it here), and those words spoke out to me. I guess, considering the social projects I’ve been working on over the past few years, the issue that song addresses affected me as well.

So, I was really not surprised to learn that the line, Di Sini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta, was one from his song as well – Warisan. I’m not one to be taken by taglines, especially in the context of patriotism, but this one really spoke out to me.

I had tweeted about how much I loved that line (and it felt very different from the usual ones we hear all the time) and got a reply telling me it is actually a line from Sudirman’s song. Of course it is! It would explain everything I said about it.

Niki Cheong - Tweet

I also found out that as part of its Merdeka campaign, Celcom Escape had put together a cover version of the song by Narmi, which I really really liked.

I may not be from the YouTube generation, but I tend to like a lot of YouTube videos of young singers doing cover version of fantastic songs. But I think what is even more special about this is that the video is meant to inspire others to create videos about Malaysia (using that line as a theme) for a competition. I’ve gone through a few (Update: Celcom Escape announced the winners a couple of days ago. Check out Eraser¬†below, which won. I love the storyline!) and it’s very heartwarming to see the different ways people show their patriotism.

In my The Bangsar Boy article published in The Star today, I talked about the many different campaigns I have seen – other than my own LimaPuluhTujuh this year – which for me demonstrates the different things people feel for our country and the different ways in which we can show patriotism. Sure, loving the Jalur Gemilang and standing up for our Negaraku is one thing, but I feel that we can all be patriotic in our own way.

Songs like these, too, make a difference. I can’t speak for him but I’m not sure even Sudirman thought that his Tanggal 31 song would still be the Merdeka song du jour so many years after his death.

But they do, and it is our common love for songs like these, what they say, what they inspire us to do and how they bring us together that is truly special. I didn’t know Warisan before this year, but I think after this – with that single line, that beautiful, poetic line – many people will know it for many years to come. I really liked Narmi’s version above, but let’s give some credit to the genius behind it as well.

This is Sudirman’s rendition. Thank you, Sir.

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