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You too can contribute to #Czipleefloodrelief

When the terrible floods – dubbed the worst Malaysia had seen in decades! – occurred, I wasn’t in the country.

In fact, I was so lost in the luxury of my holiday that I barely kept up with the news. It was only when I read the news on the airplane on the way home that the magnitude of what had happen hit me. Still, I was due to fly out again a couple of days after and therefore, I couldn’t be of much use.

I had meant to do some shopping in those couple of days and drop the stuff off at some relief centre, but with an impending deadline and having to play host to a visiting friend, things just got hectic. I did manage to write about the floods (amid other tragedies Malaysia faced in 2014) in this The Bangsar Boy article, and make a small contribution to a friend who was going to do a massive shopping spree for relief items.

When Alvin from Cziplee messaged me to inform me about the relief effort that the store was undertaking to help school children who had lost everything in the floods, I was again about to fly out (tough life, I know). Again, I made a small contribution (you too can contribute RM25 per kit which is worth over RM52!). I was unable to help out with the packing of the first 2,000 kits last weekend.

Yesterday, however, was a different story. Buoyed by the response, Cziplee brought together almost 50 (by my estimation) people to help pack 5,000 kits. It took us just under four hours to get it all done, but it was a great sight seeing so many people come together and work tirelessly to help.

This post isn’t really about how much work everyone is doing but really a call out to you to help make contributions. Because we have packed all those kits yesterday, they are ready to go the moment donations come in. Last update from Cziplee is as follows:

3,242 of 7,000 kits pledged since January 14!

How can you help? Just visit this site to pledge your donation!

Cziplee is also updating regularly on its Facebook events page for transparency and accountability. I hope you are able to help in any little way possible.

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